Building a Digital Strategy Presentation from UNC School of Journalism

This is a presentation from an Introduction to Marketing class I gave at UNC-Chapel Hill's School of Journalism, last week.  I've taught at UNC every semester for the past few years.  It's something that I really enjoy and have a great time doing.  I remember when I first taught in 2009, there were 3/50 students in the class who were on Twitter.  This week, 100% of students had a Twitter account.  The speed at which students are learning and implementing digital lives is amazing.

The aim of the lecture was to educate students on how to build a digital strategy for clients and how that differs from traditional ad strategy.  The lecture touches on the difference between tactics and strategy and looking at how to implement specific tactics to accomplish the overall strategy.

I've put the slide deck below.  It may not be super helpful as just slides without context, but I still think you'll get the gist of the presentation and hopefully enjoy it!