Moving Up In The World

It has been a few weeks since I put a post up (we have been super busy at New Media Campaigns), but that hasn’t slowed the new blog from moving up in the world.  I present you with three examples:

  1. New Blog Design and WordPress Install.  One of the main goals of starting this blog was to help me get more comfortable with CSS, HTML, PHP, Apache, and websites in general.  Even though I run a web design firm, I’m just the guy that selling and happifying; I totally rely on the other guys to actually implement an elegant solution to clients’ problems.  So, with some help from my colleague, Kris Jordan, I was able to install WordPress onto our company server and redesign the blog with the Fusion WordPress Theme.  I also made some additional tweaks through CSS and plugins, getting the blog to the current state it is in.I’m happy with the way it looks, but there are definitely more improvements to come, so stay tuned!
  2. Ranking #1 in Google for my Name.  Another one of the main goals for the blog was to take control of my digital footprint and be the top organic search result for Clay Schossow (which gets millions and millions of searches everday, obviously).  Thanks to a little link love from my business partner, Zach Clayton, a targeted domain, and several posts, I now organically rank #1 for my name.  According to Google Analytics, this status has already helped a few curious people learn more about me.  I’d much rather this blog be the top Google result than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, which used to be the top three results, as the blog is a more rounded and thoughtful representation of me…or at least, I like to think so.
  3. Being named one of the 100 Best Blogs for Young Entrepreneurs.  I got an email from Kelly of the “Online College Degree Blog” about it over the weekend and was at first pretty skeptical.  However, after checking out the post, their site, and some compete data, I realized it wasn’t a scam and was flattered to be chosen.  Seems like it’s a pretty new site aimed at acting as a portal for people interested in online education, especially younger people.  They feature 99 other great resources on the list and gave this blog a nice write-up…even if they did add an “L” to the blog’s name, which hopefully they fix soon.  Not sure where or how they came across the blog, but thanks for the shout out.

Well, that’s the blog update.  I’ll put a more substantive and less self-glorifying post up over the weekend.  Thanks for everyone’s support and interest, it definitely spurs me to make more of an effort to post good content here.  If you like what you’ve seen so far, be sure to subscribe to keep up to date.  Thanks!