The Computing Power of Google

Over the past decade, Google has become so ubiquitous that it’s easy to forget how remarkable and powerful of a company they are.  However, it’s amazing to sit back and think about the sheer might of their algorithm and data processing capabilities.  I wanted to share a couple of articles that came out over the past weeks that highlight this very idea.

How Google’s Algorithm Rules the Web – Wired. Feb 22, 2010

This article is the most comprehensive about Google’s Algorithm that I’ve ever seen. Definitely a must read. It explains how Google’s algorithm has been honed over years and billions of queries. It also highlights an awesome anecdote about the mike siwek lawyer mi test.

Google’s Computing Power Refines Translation Tool – NY Times. March 8, 2010

Good article on how Google is building a better web translator. To me though, the most interesting part of this story lies in two sentences:

In 2007, for example, it began offering 800-GOOG-411, a free directory assistance service that interprets spoken requests. It allowed Google to collect the voices of millions of people so it could get better at recognizing spoken English.”

Talk about brilliant! I’ve used Google 411 and never knew why the company offered it for free, but now it makes sense. A perfect example of the innovation and power of Google.

Just a couple of quick articles that I found really interesting to help peer into one of the most interesting companies, ever. I hope to start posting quick, link-heavy thoughts like this more often.